Femoroacetabular impingement

An x-ray of my pelvic area, with signs of femo­roace­ta­bular impin­ge­ment (FAI) in both hip joints. The extra bone growth, worse in the left (circled), causes fric­tion and tear to the carti­lage surroun­ding the rim of the socket, which is basically why I’m in need of Sock-eez™ at thirty.

Factors leading to this condi­tion include “deve­lop­mental hip abnor­ma­lity together with […] acti­vi­ties invol­ving recur­rent motion of the legs within a suprap­hy­sio­logic range” [w]. (Now why does that ring a bell?) Right now, my hopes of ever retur­ning to courts are slim, but I’m still waiting to consult an ortho­pedic surgeon, hope­fully within a couple of weeks.