Femoroacetabular impingement

An x-ray of my pel­vic area, with signs of fe­mo­roace­ta­bu­lar im­pin­ge­ment (FAI) in both hip joints. The ext­ra bone growth, wor­se in the left (circled), causes fric­tion and tear to the car­ti­la­ge sur­roun­ding the rim of the soc­ket, which is ba­sical­ly why I’m in need of Sock-eez™ at thirty.

Fac­tors lea­ding to this con­di­tion inclu­de “de­ve­lop­men­tal hip ab­nor­ma­li­ty to­get­her with […] ac­ti­vi­ties in­vol­ving recur­rent mo­tion of the legs wit­hin a suprap­hy­sio­lo­gic ran­ge” [w]. (Now why does that ring a bell?) Right now, my ho­pes of ever re­tur­ning to courts are slim, but I’m still wai­ting to con­sult an ort­ho­pe­dic sur­geon, ho­pe­ful­ly wit­hin a couple of weeks.

Yksi ajatus koskien aihetta “Femoroacetabular impingement”

  1. Diag­no­sis: Q65.88 FAI (CAM), rup­tu­ra la­brum l. sin.
    Proce­du­re: NFA30 arth­rosco­pia, os­teoc­hondroplas­tia, fixa­tio la­brum an­te­ro­la­te­ra­lis cum Jug­gerK­not, microfractura.


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