Uitettu lintukoira

No, she hasn’t learned how to take a selfie (yet). Mutta lintu­koiran elkei­täpä esit­teli ensim­mäisen kerran tänään hauk­ku­malla petä­jästä kuikuil­lutta ukko­teertä. Kana­lin­tuja on näkyny tänä syksynä niin paljon — Suvan­nossa jopa fasaa­neja — että omaki riis­ta­vietti on vähi­tellen vironnu noin neljän­nes­vuo­si­sa­tai­sesta lepo­ti­lasta.


After buying flights to Warsaw yesterday and regis­te­ring as a non-compe­titor at this year’s worlds, I’ve been strea­ming an endless series of memo­ries related to footbag events and friends. The sport is one of the two random big things in my life without which I would be some­body else.

This picture by @etienneruggeri is my all-time favo­rite on-the-court shot, taken 2011 in Paris. WACK is what you can hear Frankie say when he loses that net battle against a guy shorter than him and so unflexible he has to round­house kick ass-first to reach the other side.