Af­ter bu­ying flights to War­saw yes­ter­day and re­gis­te­ring as a non-com­pe­ti­tor at this year’s worlds, I’ve been strea­ming an end­less se­ries of me­mo­ries re­la­ted to foot­bag events and friends. The sport is one of the two ran­dom big things in my life wit­hout which I would be so­me­bo­dy else.

This pic­tu­re by @etienneruggeri is my all-time fa­vo­ri­te on-the-court shot, ta­ken 2011 in Pa­ris. WACK is what you can hear Fran­kie say when he lo­ses that net batt­le against a guy shor­ter than him and so unflexible he has to round­house kick ass-first to reach the ot­her side.


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