Independence day calendar

Here’s a litt­le Christ­mas treat for any­one into geo­grap­hy tri­via: a ca­len­dar of in­de­pen­dence an­ni­ver­sa­ries from around the world. Help your­self to a copy and impress your friends with the use­less­ness of things you re­mem­ber with see­mingly no effort.

I co­pied all the da­tes and desc­rip­tions from the List of na­tio­nal in­de­pen­dence days on Wi­ki­pe­dia and simply re­for­mat­ted the data into an iCa­len­dar file. If you spot er­rors or omis­sions, plea­se cont­ri­bu­te to the ori­gi­nal ar­ticle: I have it on my watchlist.

You can leech on the file I’ve uploa­ded, but note that it’s slow, read-only, and will one day go offli­ne wit­hout a war­ning. The ot­her op­tion is to down­load the .ics, im­port it to your ca­len­dar app of choice and edit it as you wish. I make no co­py­right claims.

A Fin­nish ver­sion wit­hout the expla­na­to­ry desc­rip­tion texts is also available.


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